Loopdedoo Deluxe


The Loopdedoo spinning loom allows you to create unique designs by spinning embroidery thread into accessory magic. This AWARD-WINNING special edition is the perfect present to encourage creativity and self-expression.

With no pattern to follow, the bracelets you make will be completely unique to you! Take them up a notch by adding the included beads and easy-to-make puffy charms. What can you do with Loopdedoo? You can make a bracelet in just a few minutes, but why stop there? Make necklaces, headbands, anklets, belts, zipper pulls and lots more. Be creative! Change the thickness, colors, or the looping style. Braid them, stitch them or loop them together.

Available online at: Amazon.com (https://www.amazon.com/Loopdedoo-Deluxe-Award-Winning-Friendship-Bracelets/dp/B09FWCJGBR)