Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner


The Luxe Brush Spinner cleans and dries your makeup brush in just a couple of seconds. As easy as 1. 2. 3.
We know that your time is valuable, whether that’s rushing to work in the morning, or trying to quickly put makeup on for a night out. The makeup process usually ends the second your face is flawless. To Luxe, a dirty brush poses a serious dilemma. Cleaning your brush is the last thing on your mind. Who wants to take the time to not only clean it, but wait for it to dry? Exactly, no one. At Luxe, we don’t want cleaning your brush to be a tedious afterthought. Our spinner uses the newest technology to get all the dirt, grime, and oil off of your brush within seconds of pressing the handle button. Not to mention the satisfaction you’ll feel the moment you start to see the water in the bowl turn the color of your makeup. A clean brush is more than just visual. Using our technology, the brush will feel clean the instant you touch the bristles to your skin. Traditional cleaners can make your brush look cleaner, but the softness of the makeup bristles disappears due to the harsh scrubbing and manipulation. The Luxe Spinner uses high-speed momentum to ensure that your brush maintains its form, looking better than the day you bought it. Our mission is to make cleaning your brushes an easy and enjoyable task. Your time is important to us, and so is your health. With Luxe, we don’t want you sacrificing either; so, we simply combined the two into one revolutionary device, making your life exponentially easier.

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