manimo Weighted Dog

Price:$49.95 CAD (1kg) - $59.95 - (2kg)

Designed in Quebec in 2002, manimo – the weighted companion has become an essential sensory tool for thousands of people!

Based on scientific approach, manimo provides proprioceptive sensory stimulation, in other words, a deep pressure applied on the region of the body where it is placed, which has a calming effect on the mind and body.

In anxiety-causing situations or times of stress, they can bring comfort and a feeling of calmness. manimo are also known to promote attention and concentration during learning and cognitive tasks.

The dog is human’s best friend! Chic and elegant, this comforting weighted animal with a velvet coat is the perfect companion for those moments of excess energy, relaxation or those requiring concentration.

– Sensory: different colours
– Stimulating: scarf to be handled and perfumed
– Scientifically proven effectiveness

– Brings comfort
– Soothes excess energy
– Encourages relaxation and sleep
– Reduces anxiety
– Promotes attention and concentration
– Helps regulate emotions and behaviors

Available online and at: – Kaplan – Educators Resources – Amazon – Walmart – Nasco – Therapro – Fat Brain Toys – S&S Woldwide, etc.