Memories of a Birch Tree

Ages:4 - 8

Moving to a new city can be a heartbreaking experience, but also an opportunity to grow. This Birch Tree will realize that even in the darkest spots, one can shine brighter than ever.

The day they took me out of my home and loaded me onto a truck changed everything. I went from living surrounded by nature, with my brothers, to ending up girdled by towering buildings in a polluted, noisy city. I was homesick. Accepting that change was extremely difficult, but then I started to realize that the city was not that bad after all. A friendly gardener took care of me. He watered my soil, gave me fertilizer, and trimmed my dry branches so that a pair of finches could nest in them. I began to feel very useful, as I gave people my shade, my oxygen, and my gently-flavored seeds. I soon understood that hope and love could manifest anywhere in the world, so I decided to put down roots. A story that invites us to see adversities as opportunities, and to trust that changes, despite surprising us, can help us grow.

Award-winning Cuento de Luz was founded in 2010 by writer and humanitarian Ana Eulate in her home garage. Still based in Madrid, Spain, Cuento de Luz holds an international outlook specializing in children’s literature printing books in both English and Spanish, with accolades from The New York Times and the New York Public Library. Each story takes their readers’ imagination on a journey, helps to care for the planet, encourages universal values and promotes peace. As a certified B Corporation, Cuento de Luz is committed to preserve the environment through the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance and public transparency, which includes the integration of sustainable materials in its books such as using stone paper as of January 2017. For more on Cuento de Luz, please visit

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