Mi Robot Builder


Mi Robot Builder is an outstanding STEM educational tool that offers up immensely engaging activities for kids age 10 and up. As the name implies, the build itself (with 978 plastic bricks, a controller and two motors) is a major part of the experience. Once the build is done, a free app interfaces with the robot’s sophisticated mechanical structure to generate some truly exciting fun and learning. The fierce-looking robot balances upright on two wheels as it moves, an impressive feat in itself. In Rocker Mode, kids can send the robot along any improvised path in real time. Path Mode lets the user draw complex paths onscreen with a finger, then tap ‘play’ to see the robot execute them. Programming Mode offers truly impressive code block options. By dragging and ordering blocks and setting levels for things like time, speed and sound, kids can program sophisticated sequences of behavior, then watch the robot follow them to a ‘t.’ And to top it off, the set includes 3 distinct models to build: robot, dinosaur and airplane!

Where to Purchase: Amazon.com