MomMed Bottle Warmer


The MomMed bottle warmer is a versatile and rapid-heating device designed to help mothers fully preserve the nutritional value of breast milk. Its notable features include:

Preserving Nourishment: At MomMed, we understand the vital importance of your baby’s nutrition. Unlike direct contact heating methods, our bottle warmer employs a gentle water bath technique to preserve the purity and nutrients of breast milk. By doing so, we ensure that your baby receives all the essential nourishment required for healthy development. This preventive measure also curbs bacterial growth, ensuring easy cleaning and a longer lifespan.

Safe and Hygienic: The unique automatic draining feature of the MomMed bottle warmer sets it apart from others that require manual water disposal. After heating, the warmer efficiently drains excess water into the tank, preventing continuous heating and potential bottle overheating. This also prevents bacterial growth, ensuring easy cleaning and a longer lifespan.

Effortless Convenience: Say goodbye to guessing the right milk temperature. MomMed bottle warmer offers precise settings based on milk conditions, bottle materials, and volumes. It ensures optimal milk temperature for easy digestion and joyful feeding times

Night-Time Ease: With our 24-hour constant temperature feature, night feedings become effortless. Activate the “Keep” mode, and you’ll have milk ready at the perfect temperature whenever your baby needs it, even during late-night moments.

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