Oliver and the Wishing Star

Ages:3 - 8

HAVE YOU EVER WISHED UPON A STAR? What did you wish for? Have you ever wished you were someone else? Something else? Ever wish you were a dog? How about your kid? In this unforgettable story, Oliver, like most kids, doesn’t care for chores or rules. He thinks his dog and all dogs have the easy life. No homework, no having to clean up toys, no having to eat broccoli…no responsibilities whatsoever. One evening, Oliver sees a falling star and makes a wish to become a dog…and that wish magically comes true! At first, he’s on Cloud 9, but soon things take a turn…and soon he begins to miss his old life and his family. Sometimes we don’t realize what we have until it’s gone. Sometimes we think the grass is greener on the other side, and sometimes it takes walking in another’s shoes…or paws, to realize our life isn’t as bad as we thought. This book will help your child take a closer look at their own life and see that life’s pretty good being a kid. If you have a child who thinks his or her life is tough and things would be better as a grown-up, a friend, or dog, and you’d like your child to appreciate a little more of who they are and what they have…this is the book for you and your kiddo! This book will become a favorite your child will ask you to read over and over again! Filled with lots of humor, and moments that will touch your heart! Sure to become a book you and your whole family will treasure and enjoy time and time again!

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