Patty Shukla Kids Music YouTube Channel

Ages:0 - 8

Learn educational kids songs for babies, infants, toddlers and elementary students. Early childhood development music for children written by Patty Shukla of Patty’s Primary Songs. Here youtube channel has over 3 million subscribers.

Learn counting, shapes, colors, the alphabet, right hand left hand, months of the year, days of the week, phonics, ASL sign language. Action songs for kids to jump, dance and move. All original songs copyrighted and books on Amazon Kindle.

Miss Patty, a multi-talented American artist, is widely recognized as a singer, songwriter, musician, and esteemed keynote speaker. Her journey into children’s music began in 2009 when she created educational music initially for her non-verbal 2 yr old son. Now she collaborates with educators worldwide to understand their specific curriculum needs for translating into kids music formats.

She is daily inspired by her three children. #learning #learn #baby #dance #children #education.

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