Scribfolio® Activity Book

Ages:7 - 14

Remember when you used to look up and see things in the clouds? Well, Scribfolio® is much like that, with endless possibilities found.
It starts with a scribble and imagination is key. Look from every angle. What do you see? Add lines, shapes, eyes, hat or sky. Give Scribble art a try.
Imagine, Create, Discover and Play when you do a Scribble every day.

This New wipe away version lets you scribble again and again as you see something different every time. Working with Scribfolio® sparks imaginations enhances creativity and nurtures 21st-century skills.
It’s amazing what a Scribble can turn out to be.
The big question is…

Available at: Various specialty stores online at,
Online at the Destination Imagination retail shop and Global Finals and Amazon.