Shower Me Blossom

Ages:Newborn and Up

Shower your precious newborn with Lil “O” Blossom’s and charming book inspired gift, “Shower Me Blossom.” Generously hosting seven luxurious and superbly gentle bath and body care products, for the most sensitive skin. Moms will cherish this delightful gift as babies are pampered with love. Crafted with motherly wisdom and integrity to be superbly gentle for baby and friendly for mother earth. Includes Gentle Shampoo 8 fl. oz., Detangling Conditioner 8 fl. oz., Fresh Body Wash 8 fl. oz., Silky Body Lotion 8 fl. oz., Nourishing Baby Oil 4 fl. oz., Daily Diaper Protection Balm 2 fl. oz. and Rescue Diaper Cream 2 fl. oz.

Available at Pharmacies, Doctor’s offices, and Boutiques across the country.