Smart Beat -- Video Monitor with Breath Detection

Ages:Babies & Toddlers

Smart Beat is a video baby monitor with breath detection that gives parents peace of mind by reporting their baby’s breathing status to their smartphones. Smart Beat uses its patented BioVision technology to detect breathing without using wearables, mats, or clips. BioVision analyzes the video feed, looking at every pixel of every frame to detect the changes in color that occur with movement. These advanced algorithms allow Smart Beat to detect even the smallest breathing motions using just a video camera.

Most importantly, Smart Beat sends an alert directly to parents’ phones if it detects that breathing becomes irregular.

The Smart Beat app streams HD video with two-way audio, real-time breathing charts, and sleep alerts. Plus, Smart Beat uses its own dedicated in-home WiFi network that is completely disconnected from the world wide web, so your baby’s data never leaves your home.

Smart Beat is the safest, easiest, most secure way to monitor your baby’s breathing.

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