Smart Nursery Cam


The Motorola Smart Nursery Cam is a portable Wi-Fi® video baby camera that enables you to keep an eye on things from anywhere in the world on your compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Hubble app allows you to receive sound, motion, humidity, and temperature notifications to your compatible viewing device so you can always stay connected to what’s going on. A wide range of analytics, including sleep quality monitoring and expression detection, give you peace of mind that your little one is healthy and happy. Remote pan, tilt, and zoom on the portable, battery-powered camera ensures that you have the perfect view of your child, and the crystal clear two-way audio allows you to communicate while on the go. With Motorola’s Smart Nursery Cam, you’re free to watch them dream from anywhere.

Features include:
• Wi-Fi® Wireless Connectivity
• Portable and Rechargeable
• Remote Pan, Tilt, and Zoom
• Two-Way Communication
• Infrared Night Vision
• Lullabies
• Local Recording on microSD Card (8GB Card Included and Installed)
• Compatible with Model: Smart Nursery 7
• Part of the Motorola Smart Nursery

Smart Features:
• Temperature, Humidity, Noise, and Activity Monitoring and Analytics
• Sleep Quality Monitoring and Expression Detection
• Motion Detection and Alert
• Integrated Photo and Video Sharing

Additional Features with Hubble Connected:
• View on Compatible Smartphones and Tablets1
• Remote HD (1080p) Video Streaming2
• Sound, Motion, Humidity, and Temperature Notifications
• Manual Video Recording and Image Snapshop3

Where to Purchase: Babies R Us – Target – Motorola