Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things, Revised Edition

Price:$12.99 paperback

The book makes a novel birthday and holiday gift and is indispensable for school science fair projects. It contains 10 never-before-seen projects focused on STEM and Maker initiatives, including an EV motor project.

The New York Times wrote, “…Music from a penny? It’s true. Check it out here – from Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things. Pretty amazing.”

Here’s more information about Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things Revised Edition:
The National Science Teacher Association – “On the old television series “MacGyver,” the hero was always getting out of tough situations by making practical devices out of simple materials. The author of Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things interests students in the wonders of science by showing them how to do their own amazing MacGyver feats. This approach not only gets students interested in science, but also encourages good critical thinking by students as they solve practical problems.”

The New York Times – “In closing, let’s measure something. Check out this Pi Detector by the ingenious Cy Tymony, creator of the popular Sneaky Science and Math discovery series. Why does Cy do what he does? I asked, and he responded with the following.
‘I love science and technology and the wonderful things you can do with a little sneaky information using discarded items and without special tools. For instance, virtually anyone can: Make an AM radio with a penny, create fire with water, turn a screw in an AM/FM radio and listen to aircraft broadcasts, turn on devices with your ring, convert a pencil into a microphone, convert a calculator into a metal detector, make a James Bond spy jacket and more.’
“Wait. Music from a penny? It’s true. Check it out here – from Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things. Pretty amazing. (Thank you, Andrews McMeel Publishing.)” – Gary Antonik New York Times

Los Angeles Times – “Tymony, whose books have won praise from the National Science Teachers Assn., wants young people and adults to better understand science and the world around them. “If you learn science and certain techniques,” Tymony says, “there are all sorts of things you can do that you’re not taking advantage of. He even devotes a section of his new book to the timely issue of alternative energy after discovering during his appearances that people are largely clueless where energy comes from.”

NPR’s Science Friday – “Thank you Cy…for opening up the world of tinkering and creativity to a whole new generation – Ira Flatow

Publishers Weekly – “Offering readers a chance to become real-life MacGyvers, Tymony’s “Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things” shares a mixed bag of useful and useless tricks. The book, which may remind 007s-in-training of The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, offers sections on gimmicks, gadgets and survival techniques (the last section is by far the most valuable).”

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