Sparkle The Dog

Ages:4 - 12

Sparkle the Dog is Bene Bear’s friend–one of our Bene Buddies™! Sparkle teaches and reinforces the traits of kindness, respect, empathy and giving but with an animal and pet focus. When a child is kind, shows respect, shows concern, or gives back to animals or pets, they can put a token in Sparkle’s token slot. All the tokens will collect in Sparkle’s back pouch, ready to be reused again and again! A portion of the proceeds of each Sparkle the Dog Package that is sold will go to an animal shelter or rescue group.

Sparkle the Dog Package comes with Sparkle, 15 Bene Buddies™ Tokens, Sparkle For Pets book, and a unique product activation code that allows you to activate Sparkle and print out your adoption certificate.

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