Squire With Fire - When Sparks Fly

Squire with Fire – When Sparks Fly is a follow-up to the award-winning Squire with Fire – A Happy Dragon’s Tale. This second tale is an equally fantastic romp through legendary times. With similar myths and magic, the story is cozily told by a grandfather imparting heritage lessons to his grandchild, Mackenzie.

A mysterious old wooden chest containing several family mementoes inspires Grandpa and Mackenzie to explore the amazing story these relics exemplify about their ancestor, also named Mackenzie. Squire Mackenzie uses these antiquities, marbles, and cherts to fight Vikings invading their castle. She works with Spitfire, a friendly dragon who she helped save, to cleverly thwart these invaders. However, when Spitfire is injured, another caring dragon named Sparky happens to see Spitfire suffering on the ground. She works with the villagers to mend his wound and then the two dragons join forces to help Squire Mackenzie prevail over the invaders with fire and cunning actions.

Available online and at: Amazon (Hardcover & Paperback $9.99) and Kindle E-Version, Apple iBooks, Google Books, Barnes & Noble, all e-versions at $1.99, and FriesenPress (publisher-all three formats)