Super Duper Digital Library

Ages:3-11 (grades PreK-5)
Price:$199.95 Annual Subscription - $19.95 Monthly Subscription

The Super Duper Digital Library provides more than 365 standards-based online resources (with more being added daily) for parents and educators to use in distance and hybrid/blended learning with students in PreK-Grade 5. These educational materials include a host of unique, engaging instructional games, cards, and worksheets. Each item targets a specific skill, such as basic concepts, literacy, grammar, social skills, critical thinking, sequencing, listening, early skills, articulation, phonemic awareness, memory, motor skills, sensory integration, phonics, reading, and more. All of the resources can be easily accessed online for use at home or in a classroom. In addition, they are compatible with desktop computers, laptops, digital whiteboards, and mobile devices, such as Chromebooks, tablets and smartphones. Visit

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