The Great Gazzoon


A Tall Tale with Tunes And Turbulence


The epic tale of how one boy’s love of music overcomes his fear and transforms his community.


The Great Gazzoon unfolds over 4 hours on 4 CDs, animated for the ear by Rick Scott and 25 actors, singers and musicians. CDs 1-3 unfold themes of self-discovery, literacy and friendship through narration, dialogue, poetry and music. CD 4 GAZZOON TUNES contains embellished versions of songs from the story, scored with all manner of mountain dulcimer and a wide range of acoustic instruments including violin, cello, kora, tama, kalimba and didgeridoo, and sound effects by human beatbox Kyle Shepard. 


Linda Sanborn’s 50 original paintings illuminate the story in a unique all-cardboard package with a 40 page songbook.


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Produced by Valley Hennell

Illustrated by Linda Sanborn.

Sound engineer: Anthony Maki

ISBN NUMBER AND BAR CODE:   978-0-9733515-7-6

Grand PooBah Music 2013  JEST 007 Made In Canada