The SandPad™ LandPad All Terrain Stabilizer

Ages:8-90 yrs
Price:24.95 & $44.95

Don’t let your crutches or canes keep you off the beach! Engineered in 70 shore hardness rubber, the SandPad™ provides a wider base of stability than normal crutch, cane or walker tips to support a user’s weight for easy travel across beaches without sinking into the sand. Its scientific design utilizing four support ribs and a flexible rubber elastomer make it both lightweight and stable for parallel usage on golf courses, in gardens and on regular paved surfaces. 6″ inches in diameter, the patented circular design features a 3″ inch flat bottom that also allows users the ability to free stand their crutches on flat surfaces, which no other product offers. This feature also allows users of other free-standing canes usage between sand and flat surfaces without having to switch back and forth between devices. The SandPad fits all standard 1″ inch diameter crutch, cane and walker stem sizes and weighs in at just 11 oz. to provide an exciting solution for any user that wishes to maintain an active and healthy recreational lifestyle! For canes less than 1″ inch in diameter, all single packaged SandPads include pre-measured peel away 8″ inch long tape strip adaptors which easily wrap around cane stems to insure a secure grip. Available in single and paired retail packaging, all SandPads are proudly made in the USA.