Twinkle the Real Toothfairy by Hooray Toys

Ages:4 - 8

Go on a magical Treasure Hunt to find your Tooth Fairy Surprise! It’s so exciting to have your Tooth Fairy come to your room when you have a lost tooth. Put your lost tooth inside the official Tooth Fairy Surprise Box and push the button on the box that says TOOTH FAIRY, COME TONIGHT. You’ll hear an answer back! When you wake up in the morning, your Tooth Fairy Surprise® box be will hidden in your home by the Tooth Fairy! You just tap the heart necklace on your Tooth Fairy Surprise® doll and she takes you on a talking Treasure Hunt to find the hidden Surprise Box! The interactive fun goes on when your Tooth Fairy Surprise® doll tells you when you’re getting close to the box or even if you’ve gone farther away. When you find the Surprise Box, she celebrates with you! Your talking Tooth Fairy is like a loving big sister and magical BFF all the time – not just for a lost tooth. Move her wand arm and she’ll talk and play with you! No lost tooth — but still want a Tooth Fairy Treasure Hunt? You can ask for a personalized Tooth Fairy Magic Letter® on 15 topics any time at the award-winning, kidSAFE+ Certified website at and the IOS app. And exciting news! Animated CGI webisodes and the movie MEET YOUR TOOTH FAIRY release all through October and November, 2016. Celebrate each of your 20 lost teeth with your Tooth Fairy Surprise doll. At other play times, raise her wand arm to hear the doll talk to you. She says over 40 phrases. To enjoy Tooth Fairy Surprise® Treasure Hunts any time, a letter clip inside the Surprise Box lid can hold a personalized Tooth Fairy Magic Letter®. Kids can ask for a Tooth Fairy Magic Letter® on any topic for free at the award-winning online world of It’s exciting to find a printed personalized Tooth Fairy Magic Letter® in the hidden Surprise Box letter clip. Start a magical interactive friendship with your Real Tooth Fairy!

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