Zoo Playground by Fingerprint

Ages:4+ Yrs
Price:FREE ($2.99 to unlock full game)

Zoo Playground is a mobile learning game that transports children ages 3 to 5 into a delightful zoo, where they encounter the many wonders of the natural world.  In Zoo Playground, children learn about 40 different animals, where they live, what they eat and the sounds they make.

In Zoo Playground, children feed, pet, and color in different animals. They can also assemble animal jigsaws, and learn animals’ unique calls and habitats.  A simple interface allows children to play with parents or by themselves.  And, if a child gets stuck, the game will provide hints to help them along.

Zoo Playground comes with 9 built-in educational games, each of which is specifically designed to develop key skills, including memory, attention, cognitive ability, motor skills and imagination, plus help develop number and word recognition. From matching to coloring, to puzzles and number games, Zoo Playground offers fun learning games for the budding animal enthusiast.

Zoo Playground is one of many great play-and-learn experiences available on the Fingerprint Play network. In addition to game play fun, the Fingerprint Network offers several family friendly features that make it easy for kids and parents to share a device and allows parents to track the game play and learning of multiple children. Kids and parents can also send one another fun and encouraging messages or find the best games to fit a child’s interests and learning levels.

Zoo Playground on the Fingerprint Play network is a great place for kids and parents to discover, play and learn together.