A Day With Dutchess, Life Lessons froma Blind Therapy Dog

Ages:4-8 yrs

“A Day With Dutchess” is a children’s book inspired by the true-life adventures of Dutchess, a blind therapy dog with a gentle and joyful heart. A gregarious and loving Golden Retriever with a smile to match, Dutchess, is especially fond of her work with individuals with autism.


In “A Day With Dutchess”, she shows her canine friend, Droopy, how small actions can make a world of difference. Readers join them as they work with children at a local autism center, sample treats at their favorite pet boutique and organize an adoption fair to help lonely cats and dogs find their loving forever homes. An inspirational tale for all ages, A Day With Dutchess, teaches that everyone is truly special and can help make a better world.