Parents can breath a sigh of relief!  The first inflatable car booster seat, BubbleBum, is now available in select Target stores across the nation. Families can move into the New Year with ease by picking up this innovative, lightweight product that will make carpooling, trade-offs simple and pick ups and drop offs fast, easy, and safe!
BubbleBum is the perfect alternative to the standard booster seat since it can easily be packed into a suitcase, car trunk, or kept stored and ready to use in your vehicle. When traveling with multiple children it eliminates the “three-across” problem and helps to get kids in and out of the vehicle in an easy, safe, fast fashion. For those using a rental car, having a BubbleBum on hand helps save parents time and money with car seat rentals as well as the anxiety of wondering what kind of condition a rented car seat will be in.