Bullied at the Dog Park, by Heather Lehrman

Ages:5 - 10

Heather Lehrman, a known expert in pet care as owner of In Home Pet Services of Long Island's Gold Coast, has released the book, Bullied at the Dog Park. It is an allegory for children on how to be kind and how to avoid being bullied. The book is based on a real-life incident Heather's own Boston Terrier, Herbie, had when he encountered a much larger dog at the dog park one day. The book follows Herbie's journey of learning why he was bullied, what bullying means and what he can do about it. It's about Herbie and the new friends he makes during his investigation to find out why they have all been bullied. The group of friends quickly learn valuable lessons about treating all dogs (and people) with respect, and the importance of simple kindness. As other dogs chime in with their stories, Herbie's advice is to always tell someone if you're being bullied, to step in when others are victims and to confront one's bully with questions about their anger. It also helps, Heather says, when schools have anti-bullying policies.

Available at www.amazon.com/Bullied-Dog-Park-Heather-Lehrman/dp/0692245