Charmdana Dog Bandana and Wag-Witty Charms

Ages:All Dogs & Pets

My daughter Katie and I launched this pet business called WagAround Town in 2023 inspired by our own dogs. We wanted to provide innovative, eco-friendly and stylish accessories for dogs. We created this Croc-style bandana for dogs out of 100% natural rubber.

The Charmdana is NOT your ordinary bandana. It comes in 6 colors and three adjustable sizes so it’s comfortable and gives a secure fit for pets of all sizes. The natural rubber material is lightweight, durable, waterproof and has a textured back for ventilation for all day wear. It’s built to withstand the wildest of zoomies, the muddiest of hikes, and the messiest of playdates. Best of all it’s easy to clean with just soap and water so you can easily rinse it off at the beach or dog park.

Accompanying the bandanas are the Wag Witty Charms, which is a collection of playful and witty charms with sayings from the dog’s perspective. They offer endless possibilities for customization and pet owners can mix and match charms to create unique combinations that reflect their pet’s personality, interests, or special event. Whether it’s a playful “It’s a Ruff Life,” “It’s Treat O’Clock Somewhere,” or “Just Another Day at the Pawfice,” the charms fit any occasion. Owners can also mix and match with any universal shoe charms.

While unveiling our products at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Fla. March 2024, the international pet trade show, WagAround Town received a top award, third place in the highly competitive New Dog Product Category. Additionally, we were honored with the prestigious Best New Product Award by Blog Paws, the national pet influencer association.

We also feel our product is unique because it enhances the human-canine bond. Dog owners can choose charms that fit their dog’s personality and attitude, which in turn gives the owner an emotional bond when spending time with their dog. Whether your dog is “So Spoiled”, a “Wiggle Butt”, or wants to tell you to “Talk to the Paw” or “Fetch it Yourself” it will bring a smile or a giggle to brighten your day.

Dogs Helping Dogs!

For every 5 mats sold we will donate 1 travel mat to a service dog!

Mission – We want to give away 50 free Travel Dog Mats by 2025!
We would love for you and your pup to join our mission; help us give 50 free Travel Dog Mats to military and working dogs to keep them safe, comfortable and improve their quality of life. These amazing dogs enhance physiological and psychological well-being and promote empowerment for veterans that maybe in isolation. With your purchase we can make a tangible and significant difference in these dogs lives while they help a vet regain their independence thru social interaction. Help us honor all military and working dogs for their service.


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