Crazy Ice Bubbles

Ages:5 - 12
Price:$7.99 US & $9.99 Canada

Crazy Ice Bubbles formulated for Winter Bubble Outdoor Fun that is easy for kids to use and works in most winter conditions. You can catch’em , they last longer than regular bubbles, you get more bubbles every time, fly far, and they freeze different with cool looks every time. Crazy Ice Bubbles look like Snow Globe or Snow Bubbles while freezing and different every time. New outdoor winter play pattern bringing fun to winter weather. Bubbles freeze differently at temperatures below freezing. Crazy Ice Bubbles work in most winter conditions! These Bubbles will work in warmer temperatures in fall and spring just not freeze.

Available online and at: USA Target stores and, Amazon, Local specialty retailers. In Canada, Mastermind Toys, Chapters Indigo, Amazon, Shoppers Drug Mart, Toys R Us, local specialty retailers