Dancing Helix

Ages:All Ages
Price:Prices $58 - $88

The Healing and Moving Starts Here

Everyone knows what DNA is, the building blocks of life. Everyone knows what DNA looks like. But do you know what the shape of DNA is called? It is a HELIX. It is this helix shape that DNA shares with Dancing Helix.

Nature is pattern. Pattern after pattern after pattern. One of the most basic and prevalent patterns is the spiral/vortex/helix; curved lines moving through space and time. We find them from galaxies to fingerprints; black holes to the swish in our bathtubs; seashells to our very DNA.

We share with all of Nature these rhythmical wave patterns: the oceans, streams, our breathing. We feel our best when we take our place in these magical waves. We are calmed and soothed for we feel at home. Your Dancing DNA brings this feeling to you wherever you hang and watch it perform its dance.

The Dancing Helix is energized by the power of the Orbiter motor, the battery operated motor enclosed. It sends an impulse of energy in a rhythmical cycle that is made visible through the nature of the mobile below. Just as the invisible wind is revealed in a flag flying, the mobile shows us this burst of energy as an undulating pattern of waves moving from order to chaos and then back, creating and then dissolving our helix shape.

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