Ages:8 and up

When it comes to non-verbal cues, body language and purposeful facial demonstrations can you make the match? That’s the hilarious unspoken premise of Tactic’s new party game, Emojito! (MSRP $19.99 for 2-14 players ages 8 and up). In this game, players compete by expressing themselves without words and acting out their emotions. To play Emojito!, each player (or team) must only use either sounds or facial expressions to portray the emotion shown on their Emotion Card. Then, that card is mixed with six other cards and spread around the seven-sided numbered board. The other players then try to guess the emotion that was demonstrated by picking the picture and number they believe correlates with the emotion. For each correct guess, the players move their token around the numbered board. The first to complete five rounds around the board is the winner! Emojito! requires players to think and use an awareness of nonverbal cues, sounds and body language to beat the competition!

Where to Purchase: walmart.com