Grab 'N Go Essential Document Organizer


Mary Rowbury, an insurance professional for 25 years (including 10 years in Sacramento), experienced the fear of evacuating her home during a fire in 2011. Did she have everything she needed? This horrible experience led her to create “Grab ‘N Go,” a document organizer to help others be prepared as well.
Fires can become life threatening in minutes. Tornados can happen in an instant. And your important documents can be ready to go in a flash. With years of experience as an insurance professional, Mary Rowbury helps you create your own emergency binder, filled with essential records like family information, important contacts, financial documents, passports, medical records, and much more. Gain peace of mind knowing that this binder is at your fingertips when you may need it most.
“Grab ‘N Go Essential Document Organizer” is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books and Things and other major bookstores.
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