Highlights™ Big Fun Workbooks

Ages:Varies depending up the Workbook

The Big Fun Preschool Workbook – The Big Fun Kindergarten Workbook
The Big Fun First Grade Workbook – The Big Fun Second Grade Workbook

Parents have trusted Highlights to deliver Fun with a Purpose® for more than 70 years. Highlights Learning takes our kid-approved approach and organizes it into a progressive framework aligned with school standards. Our workbooks and learning products, developed in collaboration with education experts, integrate puzzles and humor to engage kids more deeply, paving the way for school success.

Highlights™ Big Fun Workbooks include over 250 pages of imaginative puzzling, humor, and whimsical illustrations that will engage children and help them to build confidence. Each book also features a rewarding certificate of completion at the end, in addition to simple tips to help parents guide their children through the activities in these workbooks.

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