If I Had As Many Grandchildren as You... by Lori Steward, Palmar Press

Ages:All Ages

After talking with a friend who has eleven grandchildren all living nearby, Lori Stewart started thinking about what would happen if that were her and they all descended upon her at once. The result is If I Had As Many Grandchildren As You…
Through lively, warm-hearted verse, an optimistic message, and eye-catching photographic illustrations, this whimsical and uplifting book is a journey of discovery for children looking for “adventuresome fun”, and for grandparents finding their very special role as “memory makers”. The book sparks imagination and creativity, and inspires children to dream and explore and discover that place outside themselves, where they learn about sharing and caring. The book inspires grandparents to make time to make memories with their grandchildren.

The story is narrated by “Grand Paws”, a wise old lion who gives advice to a befuddled grandfather about wondrous places to go, lessons to teach and uplifting things to do with his grandchildren. The story celebrates extraordinary art forms (driftwood horses), natural phenomena (upside down rainbows), wonders of the ancient world, and ‘pop’ culture. The captioned photographs show that it is quite possible to do nearly everything in this book. Published by Palmar Press.