Just My Style: Layered Lip Balm Kit

Ages:6+ yrs

With the JMS Layered Lip Balm kit your child has everything they need to create their own shimmering lip balms. The kit features 1 Wax Base, 1 Bag of Wax Beads, 1 Measuring Cup, 1 Mixing Spoon, 1 Spatula, 3 Fruity Flavors, 1 Lip Shimmer, 5 Lip Balm Containers and easy to follow instructions. Your child can create 5 shimmering lip balms by mixing the wax base, shimmer, wax beads and flavors together. Then get creative by stacking your favorite fruity flavors in different layers. The lip balm containers allow for easy application. It comes with everything your child needs to create their very own layered lip balm.