Kingdom Keepers Books for Young Adults

Ages:Young Adults

Author Ridley Pearson has penned a series of books for young adults that will spark their imaginations and keep them turning the pages for more. The stories revolve around a group of five kids in Orlando, Florida who, after a long interview process, have been chosen as Walt Disney World’s Disney Host Interactive guides – also called Daylight Holographic Images (DHS), which are holograms of these particular kids. The DHS hosts appear throughout the Disney parks and provide a new twist to the Disney adventure for the visitors.


So, if you’re thinking that this is not enough to make the stories interesting, you’re right. What makes these stories fun for young readers is that the five kids are able to magically transport themselves into the parks when they are asleep. They have been chosen to help solve intriguing problems that have been happening within the parks. The evil characters (The Overtakers) are planning on taking over the parks, and the kids, aka Kingdom Keepers, must use their wit, courage, and strength to fight them off and keep Disney World from falling into their evil hands.


Disney fans will be amazed at the adventures the kids have in the parks, and for those who have been to WDW in Florida, they will feel at home within the stories. For readers who haven’t been to WDW, they will still enjoy the Disney atmosphere. After all, we all know about It’s a Small World and the famous Disney Castles as well as the cruise ships. Plus there are several other attractions that come into play in the stories. This is truly a merging of Disney, Sci-fi, mystery, and young teens with enthusiasm, curiosity, some hesitation, and a lot of courage.


I recommend beginning with the first book in the series – Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark. This book sets the stage for the rest of the series and explains about how the kids became involved in the DHS program in the first place. The second book, Kingdom Keepers: Disney at Dawn, takes the kids on another daring escapade. The rest of the books in the series are Kingdom Keepers: Disney in Shadow, Kingdom Keepers: Dark Passage, Kingdom Keepers: Shell Game, and Kingdom Keepers: Power Play. The next installment of the Kingdom Keepers will be released Spring 2014.


If you have a young teenager in your house who loves to read, loves Disney, and/or loves adventure stories, this is a great way to entertain them while at the same time enforcing the love of books. Reading is something some kids only do when they have to. But once the love of books is instilled in a child, they will maintain that through their lives. Books have the power to transport readers to another world. They expand and inspire their imaginations. The Kingdom Keepers series is a great way to do this, especially for anyone who loves Disney and creative storytelling. The target age for this series is grades 5-9, yet adults that are Disney fanatics might also be interested in the books – after their kids have read them.

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