'lil Fairy Door


Invite the magic of the fairies into your home with the whimsical ‘lil Fairy Door! Attach a little fairy door low on a wall, high on a shelf, or in another secret little place inside your home. Children and adults alike will delight in knowing that now the fairies have a place to come in and out! Wait, were those fairy footprints left behind? Known to only come out at night and leave little notes or surprises for the children in your home, the fairies are playful and full of mischief! For the child in your life who adores fairies, ‘lil Fairy Door makes a delightful gift that will keep the magic going all year ’round! Available in Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue and Red, and the new special edition FROZEN snowflake door, ‘lil Fairy Door comes beautifully packaged with a bottle of ‘lil Fairy Dust, mounting supplies and a note to the fairies to get you started! Fanciful ‘lil extras include ‘lil Mushrooms, ‘lil Critters, ‘lil Fairy Footprints, ‘lil Grass Mat, and the Official Tooth Fairy Kit.