MiaoKids Smart Kit with Wonder Math Application

Ages:2 - 8

The MiaoKids Smart Kit and Wonder Math Application form an ecosystem that assists young learners in developing foundational academic skills through an open-world of play-based learning.

In many settings, early childhood education tends to be treated less holistically and often fails to properly connect the many intelligences a young learner is developing. In other contexts, children are inundated with overstimulation via electronic means without a proper channel to harness the physical world. The MiaoKids ecosystem is designed to serve as a bridge between technology, with the increasingly connected world that it brings, and the many brands of intelligence that technological advancements can neglect.

As such, MiaoKids strives to make screen time more fruitful. Our Smart Kit, the ecosystem’s physical component, contains 31 blocks and the Wonder Pad. Our Application hosts games and connects with the Wonder Pad to enable unique interactions with our blocks. The colorful world and endearing characters pique the attention of learners through challenging questions tailored to individual development. The Wonder Blocks serve as an input to round out our play-based learning platform.

Available at: http://www.miaokids.com – Apple/Android App Store. Search “MiaoKids Math” in the App Store.