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Have you ever put a tennis ball on your bed (or taped one onto your skin) to keep you from turning onto one side or another? Or maybe you feel like you get better sleep and breathe more clearly when you’re on your side but during the night you roll back and end up on your back. Maybe you’re pregnant and your doctor recommends sleeping on your side. The solution for all of these situations is the Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner.

The Rest-Rite positioners come in a box of 7. They are plastic cup-shaped with adhesive lip backs to stick directly onto your pajamas or skin. Once positioned on your body, this simple product reminds you to stay on your side. There is no uncomfortable jolt when you turn onto your back, as there is with a tennis ball. It’s just a gentle nudge so you return to your side position.

Many times post surgery patients are told to sleep on their side so not to put pressure on their arm or shoulder, or whatever area has undergone a procedure. If you are contemplating shoulder surgery, this is definitely something you should have to keep you from rolling over onto your affected side.
Allergy suffers often get more congestion when they sleep on their backs. And people that snore – or those that sleep next to them – realize that side sleeping alleviates much of the offensive noise and allows the nasal and throat passages to stay open.

These simple little plastic devices have “medical grade” adhesive to stay stuck where you place them. They’re light- weight. Simply stick them on and if you happen to roll onto your back or a side on which you shouldn’t sleep, the Rest-Rite will be there to make sure you return to a better position.

This year the Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner was included in the Distinctive Assets’ “Everyone Wins” Gift bag independently given to Oscar nominees. Jimmy Kimmel even got a gift bag with the Rest-Rite inside his host gift bag. It was also included in the 59th Annual Grammy Awards Official Presenter/Performer Gift Bags. But just because these people were given this product is no reason to purchase it for yourself. If, however, it sounds like something that might help you when you sleep, check it out.

A box of 7 Rest-Rite Sleep Positioners lists for $16.99. Read more at

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