smarTrike Dream 4-in-1

Ages:10-36 mos

Make your little one’s dreams come true with smarTrike®’s most advanced trike! The 4-in-1 Dream tricycle with patentedTouch Steering™ technology is a pleasure for the child to ride and for the parent to steer, promising comfort at every twist and turn. With shock-absorbing rubber wheels, padded built-in suspension, and a Touch Steering parent handle perfect for one hand maneuvering, the Dream will help your child hit the road at just 10 months old! In the first step, parents take full control of the trike with the lightest touch using the advanced steering handle. As the child’s confidence grows, easily transform the Dream to allow little ones to practice steering and peddling, all while mom and dad remain in control. By the fourth and final transformation, remove the handle and watch as your child rides about independently on the comfortable trike that they grew up with. Kids will also enjoy the built-in toy phone within easy reach on the front handle. With a quick and easy assembly, your child will be ready to ride in no time! Available at Toys R Us.