Smithsonian® Mega Science Lab


Learn about volcanos, weather, outer space and more. The Smithsonian Mega Science Lab is six STEM kits in one! Observe the process of crystal formation; assemble and paint a model of the earth and moon; and erect and erupt your very own volcano. Create an Eco Dome Habitat where you can catch, collect and study bugs. Assemble and install your own weather station and start logging temperature, wind direction and speed, barometric pressure, humidity, clouds and precipitation. Put on your safety goggles and chisel away at your sand block as you excavate bones that you can assemble into a model dinosaur. This kit is a science sampler that offers six amazing adventures that are safe and easy to do. Ages 10+.

Available at: Target – AC Moore – Amazon – Barnes & Noble – Blain – Meijer – Joann – TLX: Home Goods – Marshalls – TJ Maxx