StoryBots, Beep & Boop App

Ages:StoryBots, Beep & Boop App

BEEP & BOOP is a simple, fun iPhone app that turns learning good behavior into a game kids love. 
* When your child displays good behavior (making bed, brushing teeth, etc.) reinforce it by giving them a BEEP.
* When he or she knowingly misbehaves (teasing sister, interrupting, crying for no good reason, etc.) issue a BOOP.
* Set Goals and Prizes based on the number of BEEPs your child earns.
* Since each BOOP erases a BEEP, your child will quickly learn that misbehavior has a cost!
* Your child will love the silly auditory recognition of a BEEP as much – or more – than the prizes.
* You’ll soon find that the mere mention of a BOOP wards off bad behavior without even having to issue it at all.
Make BEEP & BOOP a part of your daily ritual and you’ll be astonished by the results!