The Floor is Lava

Ages:5 and up

Doesn’t get any hotter than this! The Floor is Lava game is an official version of the improvisational imagination game that kids have been playing for decades. In Endless Games’ The Floor is Lava, the game has more structure, strategy and quick-thinking, quick-reaction game play elements. …And it saves your furniture. Most people have played a sudden “shout out” game, where someone yells “lava” and everyone jumps all over the furniture trying to stay off the dangerous floor. Endless Games created a format where players continue to imagine the floor is molten hot lava, but added play patterns using a spinner for color call-outs and having players jump along foam game pieces in order to reach safety. Challenge cards that enforce activities that can make it difficult not to fall into the lava come into play when landing on certain tiles. The game incorporates physical activity, imagination and pure fun.

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