The Night Hunter Murder Mystery Party Game


University Games brings the story of The Night Hunter to life in its latest and most sophisticated murder mystery party game. To catch The Night Hunter, four separate game-solving chapters require players to solve five distinct and seemingly unrelated murders. The game is an excellent gift for fans of crime dramas, unsolved mysteries and problem solving challenges. The Night Hunter takes 3-4 hours to play and employs innovative online hints and solutions that can help detectives throughout the game.
As the story goes: After confessing to a series of disturbing, animalistic murders, “The Night Hunter” was sentenced to life in prison. The public breathed a sigh of relief, thinking The Night Hunter’s reign of terror was over…that is, until a murder with similarities previously not released to the public occurs over 25 years later. Is it a copycat? Or is the wrong person behind bars? Play as an agent hired by The Bureau as you explore over 100 unique pieces of evidence to learn about The Night Hunter’s past and stop another murder from happening in the present.

University Games has been the leader in murder-based games for the last four decades since launching the Murder Mystery Party brand in 1985.

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