The No-Cry Sleep Solution Enhanced E-Book by Elizabeth Pantley


There are two schools of thought for encouraging babies to sleep through the night: the hotly debated Ferber technique of letting the baby “cry it out,” or the grin-and-bear-it solution of getting up from dusk to dawn as often as necessary. If you don’t believe in letting your baby cry it out, but desperately want to sleep, there is now a third option, presented in Elizabeth Pantley’s sanity-saving book THE NO-CRY SLEEP SOLUTION / Enhanced E-Book (McGraw-Hill).  

Elizabeth’s successful solution has been tested and proven effective by scores of mothers and their babies from across the United States, Canada, and Europe. And now in response to weary parents asking for a little more guidance, Elizabeth has created fourteen brand-new videos exclusive to this enhanced ebook. Each of these three- to four-minute videos appears at the end of their specific chapter, summarizing what you have learned for quick recall or for those desperate moments when you’ve run out of ideas and need advice ASAP! Elizabeth gives you words of wisdom, tricks and tips, and soothing mantras, all that will help you get your baby sleeping.

The enhanced e-book of Elizabeth Pantley’s classic No-Cry Sleep Solution includes a video at the end of all 14 chapter to help you work through the approaches in the book. You can access the book on the latest generation of Kindle Fire, The Kindle Fire HD, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices.