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The Tip ‘n Split is actually four gadgets in one. First, it is a magnifier that makes reading menus or checks easier. Second, there is a handy light that makes reading menus or checks easier in dark restaurants. Third, it calculates tips. And forth, it splits the amount to show exactly how much each person owes. And, the best part about this little gadget is that it is lightweight and easy to use.

Everything is spelled out on the little display window. If you are dining with three friends and want to split the check equally here’s all you do:

1- Enter the total amount of the check and press ENTER
2- Enter the percentage you want to tip and press ENTER (If you want to tip 15% then enter 15, for 18% enter 18, etc. The tip will then be displayed.)
3- Press ENTER again to add the tip to the check
4- Enter 3 (for you and your 2 friends) and press ENTER

Now the display window shows exactly how much each of you owes. This gadget takes the guesswork and awkwardness out of paying the check.

The Tip ‘n Split can also be used if you don’t plan on splitting the check equally. Simply input each person’s total and calculate the tip with this gadget.

This is a good item to give to your teenagers who are going out with their friends. Burgers, fries, apple pie and a soda add up. Now they have to add in the tip and divide to find out how much to pay. The Tip ‘n Split can do that for them.

It’s wonderful for seniors who often cannot calculate quickly. It’s also great if you have a large party and want to split the bill. With this gadget everything is displayed so no one can dispute the numbers. And it makes reading menus and checks easier with the light and magnifier.

While I am not a firm believer in letting devices do all the brainwork for people, this is a handy item that can definitely help in several situations.

The Tip ‘n Split is about the size of a smartphone but much lighter. It lists for $19.95. If you want to get it with the carrying pouch/wristlet, it is $26.96.

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