Travelmate Deluxe


Includes a Smooth 6″ rear polyurethane razor wheels, Swivel Wheels in the front, Universal Infant/Toddler Seat Adaptor with strap for Infant Seats, Hands free foot brake feature

It’s not just a compact car seat carrier ….It is a true, one-handed travel system. With the Travelmate Deluxe you can leave the big, heavy and expensive stroller at home! The Travelmate Deluxe is the perfect compact stroller solution for vacations, airport travel, public transportation, and quick errands.

Thanks to its efficient design, smooth razor wheels, one handed push system and universal car seat compatibility, the Travelmate Deluxe reduces the need for a stroller on short or long-distance voyages. Traveling though the airport with your bulky car seat will be a breeze – thanks to the light weight frame and smaller razor wheels.  Additionally, the Travelmate Deluxe is a snap to store in an overhead compartment or neatly under your seat on the plane. The Travelmate Deluxe is the perfect solution for parents on the go.