Vacu Vin PopSome Flavour Dressing and Marinade Shaker


Homemade salad dressings taste fresher and brighter than store-bought dressings. The new PopSome Flavour Dressing and Marinade Shaker removes all of the obstacles to making homemade dressings or marinades. The 21oz shaker features measurements on the side so a cook can easily pour in the desired amount of vinegar and oil and other ingredients.


The brightly colored lid features the Vacu Vin patented Oxiloc system designed to ensure that the shaker remains airtight so it can be vigorously shaken before serving. Since oil and vinegar separate and spices and herbs settle at the bottom, the ability to shake dressing well just before it is poured is the difference between bland and tasty dressing.  The spout in the center of the lid pulls up so the dressing or marinade can be poured out which is much less messy than removing a lid and risking a spill, a splash.