WHOOSH! Screen Shine – Product Review


I have been staring at my computer screen for days looking at a little smudge on the right corner. iMacs, iPhones, and iPads are not inexpensive and should be taken care of the right way. I just discovered WHOOSH! Screen Shine, which is a new product safe for cleaning all screens and it’s even sold in the Apple stores, so you know it’s OK for your prized tech possessions.


WHOOSH! Screen Shine is the first non-toxic, fingerprint-resistant (how cool is that for iPads and iPhones?) cleaning product that’s safe for all screens.


That little smudge on my computer is now gone and the rest of the screen is bright, clear, shiny, and looks like new…literally! Whoosh did the trick.


To use this cleaner, simply spray some on the anti-microbial cloth, which is included in the kit. Then use the cloth to clean the screen. It doesn’t leave any harmful residue on the screen so you can feel good about your kids touching the freshly cleaned screens. It is non-toxic, alcohol free and ammonia free, doesn’t streak, and takes just a few seconds to clean any screen. What is really cool is that somehow they managed to make a solution that helps reduce fingerprints, so the clean screen lasts longer than just a few minutes.


After writing this review, and looking at my screen, I can honestly attest to the fact that my screen is shinier than I can remember. And who has a clean, iPhone these days that is void of annoying fingerprints?


Besides working well and doing a fabulous job of cleaning screens, another important element of this product is the non-toxicity. In a world where there are toxic cleaning solutions everywhere we turn, it is nice to know our hands, and those of our little ones, are touching something that won’t harm them. Void of chlorine, phosphates, and other potentially dangerous solvents, Whoosh! Screen Shine is odorless, streak free, and anti-static.


Find out more about this impressive and useful product at http://whooshscreenshine.com. It’s also available at the Apple stores and the Apple store website.


WHOOSH! Screen Shine comes in three sizes. You can purchase the On-the-Go pack which contains 1 fluid ounce of the product along with the special cleaning cloth, the Pocket packet, which contains .3 ounces and the cleaning cloth, and the Dui+ which contains one 3.4 ounce bottle as well as a .3 ounce bottle, and the cloth.


On a final note, I just have to say “Wow.” My screen is clean, shiny, and clear of fingerprints. Just like new. And, it is Made in the USA.


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