ZipStix by Hog Wild Toys

Ages:4+ Yrs
Price:$3.99 - $19.99

Lock, Load and Launch – the newest in stunt toys is ZipStix. The action-packed play sets lets kids perform tricks, crash cones and race against one another. Just lay the ZipStix flat like a skateboard, curl back to create tension and release to launch like a runaway wheel. Kids can collect all 72 high-octane ZipStix designs in Series.

How Does It Work?

  • Grab both ends and flex into “locked” position. Listen for the “click” sound.
  • Align hole in ZipStix to peg on launcher.
  • Raised ZipStix logo is facing up.
  • Hold down launcher. Gently push down
  • on end of ZipStix until it begins to curl.
  • Release to launch.
  • Crash the cones!
  • Race to victory!