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During 2019 on the third Saturday of each month Disney will release a new character in their special Disney Wisdom Collection. January’s Dumbo sold out quickly and February’s Mushu was just as popular. March has the loveable bear Baloo from The Jungle Book.

With each release in the Wisdom Collection, there will be one plush animal with a quote from a Disney film. The plush animals each have the quote embroidered on their bodies, and there are pins, mugs, and notebooks to go along with each month’s inspirational quote.

As the folks at Disney say, “Celebrate the timeless wisdom found in Disney films with our special edition Disney Wisdom Collection…Collect them all to add color to your life and revel in the everlasting wisdom taught by classic Disney films with this magical rainbow collection.” Who would have thought that so much inspiration and wisdom could come from animated films? Well, the folks at Disney did, and this collection is great for the young and the not-so-young.

For the time being, the future animals are a secret, only to be revealed with the public when the product is released, making it a fun thing to look forward to.

The March release is Baloo and the quote embroidered on his paunchy tummy is “Forgot About Your Worries and Your Strife” which is of course from the song he sings in the jungle. He looks for the bare necessities, and teaches little Mowgli to do the same.


My suggestion is to display the colorful plush characters together, or add some of the other Disney characters to join with their friends. The Disney Animators’ Collection Mowgli doll from their Origins series is a perfect match to go along with Baloo.

Baloo stands (or sits) about 13 ½ inches high. His body is made of soft green with a corresponding lighter green on his paws and stomach, with the colorful phrase embroidered front and center. He has a happy open smile. This fellow is very huggable, and when paired with Mowgli, they make an adorable setting on any bed, table, or bookshelf.

If you only want to collect the wisdom mugs, they also make a fun and colorful display.

Enjoy the fun of Disney infused with memorable and inspirational quotes to brighten your days.

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