Quick EmBRACE Diaper Changing Pads


Safer, faster, and easier diaper changes are in your future with Quick EmBRACE Changing Pads from Happy Monkey, Baby Co. Simply lay your baby down, fasten the chest clip, and enjoy the use of two free hands while safely changing the diaper of your little one! Our patent pending design prevents rolling and crawling and improves bonding as you remain face-to-face with your precious baby or toddler. Our unique design allows our pads to be secured to any changing table surface through the attached buckle system or secured to the back of furniture with our screw tabs. Our travel pad secures to changing stations like Koala Care. Ages 0 – 3 yrs.
Diapering Improved, Sanity Restored!
From HAPPY MONKEY Baby Company

Available online at: https://squirmybaby.com/product/quick-embrace-on-the-go-changing-pad/