Will Someone Play Bluey? by Eileen Ivers


An anti-bullying children’s book:

All Bluey the violin wants …is to be played. So, why won’t the children play Bluey?

Is it because he looks different?

From the Grammy-awarded violinist and educator Eileen Ivers, known for her unique musical style and blue violin, comes this uplifting story of standing up for yourself.

Eileen’s Music School is a magical place. When the children go home, the instruments speak.

Why do Drake the drum, Finn the flute and the other instruments tease and bully Bluey?

Find out how his only true friend, Priscilla the piano, helps Bluey gain the confidence to show them how special he is …how we are all unique.

Will they all learn to be kind and respectful?

Join Bluey, the children and the other instruments at Eileen’s music school and see how they ultimately celebrate that …our differences are often our strengths.

Will Someone Play Bluey? is a playful picture book perfect for:
– Ages 4-10
– Discussions on self-confidence, standing up for yourself
– Discussions on anti-bullying, diversity and being kind
– Parents, libraries, classroom story times, music rooms
– Reading over and over again, written in rhyme and rhythm.


The violins get played,
But Bluey’s dismayed
That still no one picks up the blue violin!

“That’s it!” Bluey shouts,
“I’ve all I can take!
No kid wants to play me, I’ve such a heartache!”

“I’m different, I know,
So I’ll have to show
I’m worthy, be kind to the blue violin!”

Available online in hardcover, paperback and e-book at: www.amazon.com – www.barnesandnoble.com

Ages: 4 – 10

Price: $12.99 for Paperback