Backbone Cushion: A unique postural support cushion that supports as well as strengthens your back muscles.

Ages:35 - 55

This cushion is patented, research-driven and developed by an orthopedic physical therapist who has specialized in spine injuries for over a decade. The BACKBONE cushion is a cost-effective back support cushion that attaches to the back of your sitting surface to help address back pain, postural improvement, muscle weakness and improve poor seating. It is a light, versatile and convenient option to help reduce muscle stress and strain that you face daily in your car, office or plane. The BACKBONE Cushion can help to ease your pain and improve your comfort in any chair by encouraging your body’s natural, postural alignment. It has already helped thousands relieve their back pain and return to enjoying a full and healthy lifestyle.

Where to Purchase: – – – Stenoworks – Office relief – Cube Solutions Arthrex – Back School of Atlanta – ARC – Ergoworks – JDW Products – Posture People – TC Fit
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